What is the Me and Mum Test?


You’re probably thinking, “surely it’s a typo?  I mean I’ve heard of the Mum Test so what’s with the “Me and”??

The answer is rather simple.  Whilst the Mum Test sets a high standard of care, the Me and Mum Test goes beyond this.

For those who are not familiar, the “Mum Test” is a standard of care CQC expects to be delivered by carers which requires carers to first consider whether they would be happy for someone they love and care to expect the same level of services they are providing.  See the following link for more information: CQC website.

The “Me and Mum Test” is the next generation of this test which requires carers to think whether the level of care they are delivering also meets that expected by them?  From our research, carers realise that they too one day will be in a situation where they require care too.  This test requires them to reflect whether the care they are delivering meets the standard expected by them should they be in the service user’s shoes.