About Lotus Home Care

About Lotus Home Care

Home Care With Love

At Lotus Home Care, we recognise that being a carer is about more than just practical support. Great quality care comes from being a person to rely on emotionally, as well as physically. It is this understanding that has given us an outstanding reputation and enabled us to pass the ‘Me and Mum test’.

With nine offices based in Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Riding and the Humber, our committed and experienced group of compassionate individuals work hard to provide a positive experience for all service users, focusing on the unique needs of each person so that they can enjoy a full and happy life.

What We Provide

With our wide range of services, we provide our clients with:

  • Personalised care and assistance at home
  • Individually tailored care plans
  • A regular review of the services we provide
  • A truly adaptable approach to the delivery of care

CareTrack is the name of our market-leading software that tracks electronically and in real-time the delivery of care. CareTrack offers peace of mind to family members, who are notified that a carer has arrived to provide care to their loved one.

CareTrack is a tracking portal where our carers notify our online portal that they have arrived at our clients’ home, making sure everyone is happy.

Why Choose Lotus Home Care?

We treat each service user as an individual, working with families, GPs, hospitals and local authorities to tailor our services to suit their requirements. If those needs should change, our plans are easily amended, ensuring a bespoke care package for all. Our aim is to make each person as comfortable and happy as possible in the comfort of their own home.

We are ranked highly on homecare.co.uk, NHS Choices and QuoteForMyCare.co.uk, a free and impartial care quotation website.

Lotus Home Care covers a huge area, so we can guarantee that there will always be someone on hand to help. We allocate a primary carer to each service user, but in times of emergency or staff absence, our family style of business ensures a suitable replacement can always be found.

We promise to treat your loved ones exactly as we would expect to be treated, giving them the time and care they deserve. A shoulder to cry on or someone to make a cup of tea, as well as all the other practicalities of life – each individual gets the dedication they require.

Our team is experienced and highly qualified, making them the best people to look after your family on paper. But it takes something truly special to be a really great carer – every member of our staff has been picked for their compassionate and understanding nature.

They are approachable and friendly and able to work with each service user to create a care package that best suits them. There is a reason why our service is considered to be outstanding – it’s because of our carers, at the heart of everything that we do.

The Care Quality Commission registration gives you peace of mind that your loved ones are in good hands. Their stringent guidelines and code of conduct ensures we always provide top quality service that we can be proud of.

Our carers and services are regularly monitored and the CQC’s finding are published, so that it is easy for you to see just how amazing our level of care is.

Overall, Lotus Home Care has received a good ranking from the CQC and this reflects our high standard of service.

At Lotus Home Care we invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology. From being a paperless organisation to using the latest tracking software for our carers. We know that some home care providers are quite old fashioned in how they use technology – but we are a breath of fresh air.

Using technology means we can save on costs, which we then reinvest in training, support and employee benefits – this means a skilled and happy workforce, meaning a better and more compassionate service.

Our job is to promote independence for our clients. We are here to help them keep their independence and carry on living the life that they are used to.

We are also an independent company. We aren’t a franchise, which a lot of home care providers are. This means we don’t have to answer to any one else – just ourselves.

Being one of Yorkshire’s largest care providers means we can draw on all of our expertise and resources across the region. This means a safe and stable service offering for our customers.

You’re In Great Company

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Our Managerial Team

Amanda - Director of Care

“I’m proud to say I’ve been part of the Lotus Home Care team since inception. Our fundamental ethos is to provide care with love and it's amazing to see our carers want nothing more but to see a smile on our customer's faces when providing care”.

Darral — Business Development Manager

“I've been working with Lotus Home Care for over two years and love the amazing team, all focussed on compassionate care. Our ambition is to continue building our leading reputation in the home care sector, as market leaders”.

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