Help With Costs

Help With Costs

Getting Help With Costs

At Lotus Home Care, we work with all our clients to ensure they are able to pay for their care how they want to. We work with various clients, which all have different ways of paying for their care. To find out more and how you can fund your home care – give us a call today.

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Our Fees

Each and every client has different needs and different financial situations. There are various funding options and ways of paying for care – here are just a few.

Every care package we offer is bespoke and tailored to our clients’ individual needs.
Our care packages are priced by every half-hour we provide care and differ in each location where we operate.

Please contact us for a quote based on your individual requirements. Alternatively, please use the “get an instant quote” calculator below.

Our visiting care service is so flexible, offering anything between a half-hour visit once a week, to several visits within one day.

This all depends on your needs, so please contact us for a personalised quote.

There are a range of options available to help you pay for the care of yourself or your loved one.

The government can help support your home care needs. If there are no benefits available to you, you will need to privately fund home care services. We recommend consulting a financial advisor if you do not have the money immediately available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hidden care costs should I be aware of?

    Our pricing scheme is simple and easy to understand – there are no hidden care costs to worry about.

  • What funding am I eligible for?

    If you live in England, you may be entitled for some funding support from the Government. The threshold after which you will have to pay for your own care in full is £23,250. If your personal assets exceed this threshold, which includes most investments and savings, your local authority will consider you able pay for care yourself. For care within your own home, the value of your property will not be taken into account.

    If your personal assets have a value of less than £14,250, then you will not have to contribute to the cost of care. If the value of the assets are between £14,250 and £23,250, then you will usually be required to pay £1 for every £250 of assets you own between the lower (£14,250) and upper (£23,250) limits.

    You should contact your local benefits office for further information.

  • Who do I pay?

    You pay the company, rather than the carer, so they can focus on doing a great job without worrying about money.

  • How can I pay?

    For peace of mind that your care will continue without disruption, we offer easy access to direct debit payments.

  • How often will I need to pay?

    We are very flexible with regard to payments – we normally raise invoices monthly for the care delivered over the last month. Other providers ask for fees up front – we do not.

  • Can family members pay on my behalf?

    Yes, we can liaise with your next of kin for payment of your invoices. We can set up direct debit with them and also provide copies of invoices to them.

  • Can I pay by direct payments?

    Direct payments are accepted. If you’re receiving funding through social services and have opted for direct payments, we’re able to accept top-ups to these payments.

  • Can I pay using a health budget?

    Personal health budgets are an allocation of money provided by the NHS to support identified healthcare needs. These allocations can be given directly to the person who is looking to receive care and can be used to set up a package with Lotus Home Care.

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