Tackling Loneliness in Later Life

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Tackling Loneliness in Later Life

2nd August 2019

One of the biggest issues facing our ageing population is that of loneliness. Many older people feel isolated from their community and over half of those aged 75 and over live on their own. A study by the Masonic Charitable Foundation discovered that 200,000 pensioners regularly go a whole month without talking to any friends or family and 1.9 million of them feel invisible to those around them.

At Lotus Home Care, we understand that loneliness can have a severe mental impact, with depression and alcoholism being two major side effects. Chronic loneliness also doubles a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Share a Smile

As a community, we can all be a little bit friendlier towards the elderly. A simple smile at someone you are sitting next to on the bus or walking past on the street can help the older generation feel more connected to those around them. It can give them the confidence to spark up a conversation or ask for help when they need it.

Call Your Relatives

In a society where the text message is king, older family members can often feel a bit left behind. A quick phone call once or twice a week will remind them that there are still people around who care and are able to work on their wavelength. Even better, invite them round for dinner every now or then, or go and visit them. Tackling social issues can be as easy as offering companionship.

Teach Them Basic Computer Skills

The internet is a necessary evil these days, but there is still an entire generation of people who have no idea how to use it. Show them how to send an email or set up a social media account and brighten their day by sending them the odd meme that you think they will find funny.

Ask For Help

At Lotus Home Care, we understand that modern life is chaotic and that some family members require more time than we have to give them. That is why we offer a companionship service that works to reduce loneliness and support with day-to-day activities. Our service can be as simple as having someone visit to have a chat and a cup of tea, or our care staff can take your family member to important appointments or even to the cinema! The cure to loneliness is companionship – a service we are happy to provide. Contact us for more information.

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